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988 Halekauwila: Everything You Need to Know

Howard Hughes is now moving forward on the very controversial 988 Halekauwila, recently renamed Ke Kilohana. The 400 foot building was initially proposed as a fee simple condo tower that would house most of Howard Hughes’ required reserve housing units for phase one and two of there proposed master plan. The Texas bases developer then tried to get an approval from the HCDA to offer the building as an affordable rental tower for a certain number of years in hopes that would satisfy their reserve housing requirements. The HCDA ruled against and now we’re back to the original plan, 424 residential units, majority of which, will be reserved housing units.

988 Halekauwila

There will be 141 one-bedroom, 193 two-bedroom, and 90 three- or more bedroom units. The condo project is trying to achieve LEED certification all while promoting neighborhood scale sustainability which includes walkability, access to transit, affordable housing, access to diverse uses of housing types, and district-wide green building initiatives like energy and water efficiency.

With the project being largely reserve housing, buyers will have to qualify under currect HCDA guidelines. This requires all buyers to make between 100% to 140% of Kakaako’s area median income. The qualifying process does encompass more than just the income qualification with a standard pre-approval letter still an integral part of the buying process. Please contact me for more details.

988 Halekauwila will be built on the site of the old Dixie Grill, where halekauwila and Ward Avenue meet, located across the street from HART’s proposed Kakaako rail station. There will be approximately 25,000 square feet of commercial space on the ground floor with Longs Drugs having just signed on to anchor the space.


988 Halekauwila adds affordability into Ward Village, where it previously was non-existent with it’s first four towers. This project will add diversity and life into the growing neighborhood. The project also offers a great opportunity to get into the Ward Village neighborhood at relatively affordable prices. If you’ve missed out on reserve housing opportunities in the past please don’t wait to get on our interest list. We will keep you up to date with information as soon as it is made available by the developer.

Contact Holden@Kakaako for more information and to be put on our interested parties list. Thank you!

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