This Sunday there are 13 opportunities to see the inside of a kakaako condo. Although we have great photographers for, taking very compelling photographs, nothing will do it justice like seeing it in person.

Open house last from 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM so make sure you get going early so that you can fit in a few before the days end. Asking to see the amenities in the building are a must as well, don’t be afraid to ask, most listing agents will be happy to show you everything the building has to offer.

Lastly, if they ask you if you’re working with an agent, don’t be afraid to say YES! Holden Lau, from Prudential Locations is my agent.  This will probably get you out of divulging a lot of information and let’s the listing agent know to leave you alone.

If this is the first time you’re going out, have fun. Open House is a very no pressure situation, but if you would feel more comfortable give me a call, I will be happy to accompany you on your first day out on the town! To view the complete list of featured open houses, visit

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