Living in a walkable community has more benefits than you would think. More than just fighting climate change by going car-less or being a hop, skip and a jump from your favorite bar, the higher the proximity your home is to amenities like grocery stores, restaurants and other businesses, the more your neighborhood’s property values shoot through the roof.

More and more often as I’m scrolling through online property listings, I’ll see a short tagline at the end of a home description that reads, “Walk Score of 80!” or “Transit Score of 45!” But what does this mean exactly, and why should you care?

Walk Score is a site I was recently introduced to that tracks the walkability of locations around the world by their proximity to amenities like restaurants, bars, grocery stores, coffee shops. On a scale of 1 to 100, the site gives you a pretty good idea of if you could get by without a car (score of 70 and up) or if you live in a “Walker’s Paradise” (above 90).

Walkability is something that local developers are emphasizing during the planning and designing process--creating a walker’s utopia where people work, play, and live is a key component of the Kakaako masterplan. Park almost anywhere in Kakaako and you’ll find, no more than a short walk away, something for everyone in the family. 92 is the score that Kakaako gets today, and I’d put my money on a steady increase as more condos and businesses come up.

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Check out your current home’s Walk Score by simply typing in your address, and see how it compares with Kakaako’s. If you’re tired of a long-distance relationship with your favorite shops and restaurants, a move to Kakaako might just be a step in the right direction.

If you have time next weekend or on your next day off, go on an adventure around Kakaako and see everything that it has to offer. If you have Instagram and you’re feeling photogenic, make sure to tag #kakaako and see your photo pop up on the website. Or, visit, to read up on the latest real estate development going on in the neighborhood.

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