[singlepic id=229 w=320 h=240 float=right]Hundreds who took part in this month's Eat the Street festivities have probably spent a few extra seconds gargling that mouthwash.

This month's theme was centered on garlic. About 45 vendors were present at Eat the Street, including Da Ala Cart, which returned to the food truck fest for the first time in more than a year. Two of its items, including the pork belly on a stick, sold out quick. And while there were classic garlic dishes such as garlic shrimp and garlic fries, several food vendors got creative with the theme, creating odd — yet very popular — menu items. Desserts like garlic cheesecake and deep-fried garlic coconut mocha from Fairy Cakes and garlic-flavored Onopops attracted curious visitors with taste buds anxious to try them. In addition, the garlic frog legs from EAT Cafe sold out.

Despite the afternoon heat, those who walked through the Kaka‘ako lot around 5 p.m. were treated to a light drizzle. In addition, little kids from Lemonade Alley pulled carts, offering drinks starting at $1.

At 8 p.m. Elena's Restaurant food truck hosted an eating competition with chicken adobo fried rice omelette. The first to finish two pounds – or two plates – of fried rice won a $50 gift card to Elena's Restaurant and a congratulatory glass mug. More than 10 people entered the competition, including members from local group Kings of Kaukau. Local entrepreneur Derek Gabriel swept away the competition and his plates clean while sporting a Yelp cape.

Those who missed the garlic fest last Friday can attend Eat the Street Kapolei on July 14 or wait until the end of July for Eat the Street Spicy on July 27 at 555 South St.

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