Besides getting to tour beautiful homes, look out over stunning views and learn about the new and exciting developments Honolulu has to offer, one of my favorite things about being a real estate agent is the relationships I build with my clients and the people I get to know every day. There are endless things to say about Kakaako’s bustling real estate market, but every once in a while I thought it would be nice to hand over the microphone. After all, who better to talk about Kakaako than the residents themselves? This week meet Pacifica Honolulu residents Brant and Keri Brown.  IMG_0757

Where were you living before you moved to Kakaako?

We rented a quaint little bungalow in the heart of Kaimuki for six years prior to moving to our new condo at Pacifica. It was the perfect little starter apartment, but we knew that as we began expanding our family we would need a place to call our own.

What attracted you to living in Kakaako?

For us, Kakaako was the right mix of convenience, youth and vitality.  Having been brought up in Kailua (and exposed to many lengthy drives over the Pali), I wanted our new home to be centrally located, with easy access to work and play.  More importantly, though, Kakaako had a youthful vibe that resonated with us – new and upcoming restaurants, retail shops, the Honolulu Night Market, steps from the beach and the perfect place for us to raise a family.

Describe your typical Kakaako weekend.

We love to eat. So our weekends typically consist of breakfast at Harry’s Café followed by a day of exploration with our Frenchie, Coco – we’ve lived here for two years and still find that there are little pockets of Kakaako that we have not yet discovered.

Tell us about your favorite Kakaako hangout? Restaurant?

It’s hard to choose just one.  Blue Tree Café is ideal for an early morning coffee or smoothie.  We love Duck Butt for the best mochi pancake you will ever have (and their wide assortment of flavored shochu).  Real, a Gastropub is fun for dinner and drinks with friends. And I will never stop raving about Bevy Bar.  We are excited to see what other little gems begin to pop up in Kakaako – we’re always happy to expand our culinary horizons.

IMG_0756How has moving to Kakaako changed your life?

The convenience of living in Kakaako has been such an amazing experience.  But one thing we’ve been pleasantly surprised by is the genuine sense of community that this up-and-coming neighborhood has.  People are excited about Kakaako and the many different experiences it has to offer.  They actively seek a voice in its development because they have embraced it as their own.   It is a community in the truest sense of the word.

In our humble opinion, there’s no better place to be than Kakaako.

Brant and Keri Brown were original buyers of Pacifica Honolulu and were able to qualify for workforce housing. Brant has his own landscaping company called Hapa Landscaping and Keri works for Orbitz the online travel agency.