Besides getting to tour beautiful homes, look out over stunning views and learn about the new and exciting developments Honolulu has to offer, one of my favorite things about being a real estate agent is the relationships I build with my clients and the people I get to know every day. There are endless things to say about Kakaako’s real estate market, but every once in a while I thought it would be nice to hand over the microphone. After all, who better to talk about Kakaako than the residents themselves? This week, meet Six Eighty resident Matt D’Ascoli.


Where were you living before you moved to Kakaako? For the past few years, I’ve been bouncing around Asia.  My first city was Tokyo, then Singapore, and recently Manila. I’m originally from Haleiwa but work took me to many different locations.  These years abroad definitely shaped my choice to live in a city, whether it be large or small, the convenience is what I enjoy.

What attracted you to living in Kakaako?  I think it goes back to my first job when I was 14.  I worked at my parent’s store on Auahi Street, a small strip mall where the new parking structure is for Ward Centers.  Back then everything was a few steps away and to my surprise Kakaako still remains that way.  As said before, I’m all about convenience and Kakaako delivers just that.  I also don’t like using cars and I find that nearly everything that I need is within walking distance from where I live.  I would even venture to say it is more convenient than any city I have ever lived in.

Describe your typical Kakaako weekend.  I like to walk to breakfast and take my time finding crazy new places to shop or to get something serviced.  I’ve been blown away on how many businesses there are in just a few blocks.

Tell us about your favorite Kakaako hangout? Restaurant?  Just discovered Bevy and I will say this is my new favorite place. It’s Intimate and drinks are exceptional.  Makai of that is the Whole Ox, which I believe should be the template of what restaurants should be-choice ingredients while keeping the atmosphere relaxed.  I really have yet to fully explore what there is here in Kakaako, but I’m very excited as new businesses pop up.  Even with the planned development, I see start-ups that are flourishing and everyone should take advantage of that.

contrastedselfHow has moving to Kakaako changed your life?  It has definitely simplified it. Venturing out your front door and having Honolulu at your fingertips is probably the biggest advantage I see as a young adult.  But I also found that I have gained a great respect for the community being cultivated with local vendors, craftsman, artist, and everyone else willing to make Kakaako theirs.  We all understand there are big changes ahead, but the spirit of the community is the same and will remain the same as buildings go up and Kakaako grows.  This is quite unique to Honolulu and I want to be a part of it.

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