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It's no secret that food trends come and go, from cupcakes to cronuts and beyond people love trying the latest and greatest treats. Acai has been one of those amazing treats that has gone from trend to a local staple here in the islands. That delicious Brazilian berry often mixed with fruits, granola, and honey keeps people coming back bowl after bowl. Nalu, in Kailua, is by far one of my favorite places for Acai but unfortunately for my self, being a towny, it's so far. So you can imagine my delight when I heard that Nalu is not just moving to town, but coming into my neighborhood of Kakaako.

Nalu offers more than just Acai bowls, with salads, sandwiches, and smoothies also on the menu. The common theme is super healthy and amazingly delicious food that will keep you coming back for more.

Nalu Health Bar Kakaako photo credit: @naluhealthbar

The four friends that started Nalu all hail from Brazil and wanted to show the locals of Hawaii how Acai is served in their home country. Speaking to Chris, one of the owners of Nalu she says, "We import our Acai from Brazil. It's organic, pure, and considered grade-A. We mix our Acai with Guarana Berry Syrup, also imported from Brazil, and bananas, making it the authentic Brazilian recipe. If you ever go to Brazil it will taste just like ours! Here in Hawaii people make Acai bowls differently, they add a lot of frozen mixed berries, apple juice or soymilk, therefore the Acai content is relatively small. In our blend there's a very large amount of Acai, you can see on the deep dark purple color (which is the real Acai color), so it's very healthy and loaded with antioxidant!"

Nalu Health Bar Kakaako photo credit: @naluhealthbar

The four entrepreneur owners love the thought of being in Kakaako. Close to their favorite super spots and in the heart of such an amazing community. Try Nalu next time you're in the Ward Village area. It's inside South Shore Market, underneath TJ Maxx. Take a look at their awesome below!

Nalu Kakaako Menu