IMG_6993Follow Taste Table on Instagram (@tastetable) and you’ll discover a new cuisine every day of the week. Thai, Peruvian, Mexican, Italian, and even a twist on the good ‘ol American Burger- you name it- Taste Table has had it. Not to mention, they recently featured the infamous Ramen Burger. Only 700 available and not surprisingly, the line wrapped around the block…..and then some!

Taste has been open for a little over a year now. I’ve visited a multitude of times, and have always been impressed. Every day, they feature local chefs and “artists” alike to cook up some of their specialties. It really gives those first-timers a chance to showcase their talent. And what’s not to like about supporting local?

As often as I can, I’ll make my trek down to Taste. This time I had the chance of eating some of Melt’s delicious sandwiches! I first tried Melt when they had just opened their food truck. Specializing in Grilled Cheese sandwiches, I knew this was a must-try for me. After being wowed that day, I lost touch with the truck and never saw them again until Taste! I’d say it’s been a couple years!

So when I went to see Melt at Taste around 1030am, I did what anyone would do after missing something for so long- I ordered the whole menu! Well, almost……I ordered 3 out of the 4 grilled cheese sandwiches and skipped the Tomato Soup.

Verdict? Yep, the taste was everything I remembered. The Melto Cristo was something new to me, though. Essentially it was a ham and cheese sandwich, but get this- it was then battered and fried to perfection and topped with berry jam! Mind. Blown. I tasted that first, however tried not to get ahead of myself by eating the fried sandwich in entirety. Still had to have some stomach room left for “The Meatball” and “The Triple Melt.” The Meatball was not your typical meatball sand. Local Kulana beef meatballs were so utterly moist and encased in bread soaked by tomato gravy and cheese sauce, and then sprinkled with light and crunchy pepperoni chips, my favorite part!

And of course, I always save the best for the last. The Triple Melt, and the most simple of all of Melt’s sands, was my favorite. Just Mozzarella, Gouda, and white Cheddar- it was effortless in creation, but out-of-this-world awesome in flavor. The bread was grilled just right- buttery, crispy and flaky with a melty, gooey, cheesy interior and some more cheese oozing out the sides. Grilled Cheese heaven right here!!!

Grilled Cheese mission, complete. Taste buds happy. Carbo loaded. Tummy, full.

I’m sure many of your mouths are watering and you’re ready to sprint over to Taste Table, however, Taste has closed down. This was my last bite of Taste, though, I will keep you posted on more exciting things to come!

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A last quote from Owner and Chef Mark “Gooch” Noguchi: “Food is most natural when born out of necessity.”

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