The Howard Hughes Corporation is helping Kakaako make a huge leap forward. The company recently announced that they have received LEED Neighborhood Development (LEED-ND) Platinum certification, making the Honolulu-based project the nation’s largest LEED-ND Platinum certified project and the only LEED-ND Platinum certified project in the state.

This is a win both for Howard Hughes and Kakaako. This certification will put our islands on the map in terms of sustainable development, with Kakaako as the centerpiece. Howard Hughes isn’t just building a great place to live, they’re creating a sense of place built with future buyers in mind, and the environment too.

These days people are shopping local, buying organic, and doing all they can to help to create a more sustainable environment.  With this LEED Platinum Certification, not only will the Howard Hughes masterplan get worldwide recognition, but it will also attract the buyers that are too embracing a sustainable lifestyle.

What do you think about Howard Hughes decision to get LEED-ND Platinum Certification? Do you think it will create even more demand over other high-rises in Kakaako?