Kakaako is the real deal, and year after year more residents and visitors are getting in on the action. I could go on and on about why I believe people are deciding to call Kakaako home (or second home!), but here are the top five reasons I think more and more people have chosen to move into the neighborhood.


1. Interest Rate Urgency

Today’s rising interest rates are creating a sense of urgency amongst buyers. While there’s no real estate crystal ball (and trust me, I wish there was), rates are expected to rise over the next year into the six percent range. If you’re a buyer and you’re in a place to act now, do it — your dream home will cost you more in six months.

2. New Development Buzz

Kakaako’s master plan is exciting not just for future residents, but for Kakaako’s current residents as well.  New development means more restaurants, more shops, and more life in the urban hub. The new development is attracting a lot of buzz around the area, and sparking a lot of interest for potential home buyers.

3. Low Inventory

There is a shortage of single-family homes in Honolulu, and that’s driving up the prices of the little inventory available. It’s getting increasingly expensive to own a house in town, making high-rise living all the more attractive to first time home buyers.

4. Lifestyle at Your Fingertips

The all-inclusive lifestyle is desirable and puts amenities at residents’ fingertips.  Imagine taking a 30 second elevator ride to your own fully-equipped gym, or perhaps you prefer a nice morning swim or tennis match? If working out isn’t your cup of tea, maybe the in-house theatre rooms will be a selling point. Kakaako high-rises differ from building to building, please feel free to contact me for a full list of amenities.

5. The Ease of High-Rise Living

Living in a high-rise makes home ownership simple.  No scheduling conflicts with the yard man, no leaks in the roof, and plumbing issues are a thing of the past.  Kakaako makes life easier.

The data says it all.  People are excited about what Kakaako has to offer and they aren’t waiting to make the move. If you’ve been thinking about buying in the neighborhood but haven’t decided which building is right for you, please contact me.  I can help you decide which building will be a perfect fit for you. Email me at Holden@hiresidential.net or call me at (808)387-3366.