Over the past couple of years I've been covering the Kakaako real estate scene. I've covered all the latest residential towers past, present, and future including some of the up and coming restaurants in the area. Writing about Kakaako is easy for me because I am very passionate about the neighborhood and all the potential it holds. I work closely with the great people at Howard Hughes as they are one of Kakaako's largest landowners and are responsible for many residential towers coming up in Kakaako's near future. Below is a video that Howard Hughes produced to help introduce people to their vision for the neighborhood.  If you were a bit confused about the difference between Ward Village and Kakaako, this video does an amazing job of clearing the air. Enjoy!


Now that you know everything there is to know about Ward Village, you're probably ready to pull the trigger on purchasing something in the area right? Keep in mind Ward is just a small part of Kakaako and opportunities are available beyond Howard Hughes' 60 acre parcel.  For more information about the area or if you had a questions about the future of Ward Village please feel free to contact me at Holden@Kakaako.com.